I made this piece at Easter which is why I then titled it resurrection, that along with the fact that I recycle pieces in my art! I seem to be having a bit of a shrine obsession at the moment, so most of my recent pieces are in fact shrines. I thought I would photograph this one in some various stages for you, so you can get an idea of the processes involved.

The first thing I always do is have a good old rummage & gather most likely pieces together.


as I may have mentioned before I am always pretty flexible with what pieces I end up using , as I never really have set ideas of what I am trying to achieve! I just kinda go with the flow!

I started by completing some of the embellishments I would be using, this helps me to visualise what direction I am taking.



then it is time to build the pieces up & add the finishing touches, like crackle glazes & antiquing creams (both decoart)

I then play around with the positioning for a while, until finally everything is exactly as I want. I love the way this one came out!



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